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Tips for the perfect outdoor wedding

We all imagine a wedding as a perfect fairytale moment, an event we will remember for a lifetime. If you have decided that your fairy tale will take place outdoors, before you start looking for the ideal space, keep in mind that such weddings can be as fairytale-like as it is demanding.

  1. Prevent weather disasters
  2. Choose a good florist
  3. Don’t let anyone distract you
  4. Take care of the sound system
  5. Take care of the service

Bad weather

No matter what season you are planning a wedding for, time is usually an item that you cannot rely on to be on your side. Even on summer weddings, unpredictable showers can occur, and the cool breeze during colder evenings can be quite a distraction.

Unfortunately, you can’t stop things like this from happening, but what you can do is prepare for the worst.

Choose a place that allows you to set up a gazebo or pagoda to protect yourself from any potential storm, rain or wind. Such shelters from possible storms can actually add a nice rustic charm to the ceremony, and they are extremely practical. In addition, they provide you with more options for decorating – hanging flower arrangements, lighting, balloons.

When choosing flower arrangements, pay attention to the key points of the wedding, such as the background of the ceremony, because it will be visible in the photos. You are trying to bury flowers that are currently current, lilac, peony or always available roses, and the idea is a handful:

  • flower vault -this amazing idea of ​​installing a ceiling covered with flowers will really impress your guests. The view from below, straight to the “sky” of flowers and leaves, is breathtaking
  • flower garlands – are designed so that they can be hung or just put on tables, but effective enough to complete the magic.
  • flower wall – can be a great addition to the overall decoration, but also a great place to take photos with guests. This impressive background can be made entirely of flowers or a combination of flowers and greenery.

Also, don’t forget to rent a dance floor, in case of rain you don’t want everyone to end up wading in the mud.

If the temperatures are extremely high, rent fans or portable air conditioners

Choose a good florist / decorator

People in charge of floral details play a big role in beautifying the space for your most important day so that you can have the fairytale wedding you have always dreamed of. That is why it is important to choose the right florist and decorator. What to pay attention to when choosing a florist – decorator:

  1. When you visit the store, look around: Do you like the arrangements on display? Are the flowers fresh? Is the shop clean and organized?
  2. When looking at pictures of previous works, look for the ones with the latest date, look at photos that include all the decorations, not just one bouquet, or each decoration individually to get a picture of the overall style.
  3. Make sure they are willing to listen to your ideas. You should feel comfortable with this person, so if you notice that they are criticizing your choice, look for someone else.

Your decorator can help you with many decisions that you should make when preparing for a wedding, and not just aesthetics. If you want everyone to enjoy that day, you have to think about other things, not just the look of the porter.

Are any of your guests allergic to flowers and plants? Do not choose flowers that have too strong a scent, because they can cause allergic reactions in guests. When choosing an arrangement, agree with the florist to suggest floral decorations of hypoallergenic flowers, so that your guests do not sneeze during your big day.

If you can’t give up your favorite flower, try an artificial one or ask the florist to find a slightly fragrant flower that is the same shape and color as your original choice.

It is also important that your arrangements do not predominate in the space, but that they fit into the existing environment, so it is best to go out on the field so that the person in charge of floral decoration has an insight into what kind of environment it is.

Take care of the sound system

When imagining a romantic outdoor wedding, you probably don’t imagine background sounds, car noise, gusts of wind or children running and screaming around you. Any background sound can spoil the enjoyment, so make sure you rent a sound system with microphones.

Don’t let anyone distract you

Insects can probably be one of the biggest concerns when it comes to staying outdoors. Everyone loves flowers and greenery, but no one wants to fight annoying mosquitoes at a wedding. So how do you prevent these pests from ruining your fairytale wedding? Fortunately, you have several options:

  • If you want to ensure that all your guests can enjoy the ceremony without worrying about an uninvited bumblebee or mosquito attacking them, you can share decorated spray repellents with your guests.
  • If you want extra security, light candles for each table. Not only will it help prevent annoying insects, but it will also create a more romantic atmosphere.
  • When choosing flower arrangements, look for flowers that can be repellents, such as chrysanthemums and lavender. Not only will it beautify the scene, but you will also have less to worry about bugs.
  • Be creative and practical, and decorate the wedding with rosemary bracelets. The scent of rosemary becomes more intense when the plant is shaken, so bracelets would be ideal in defense against mosquitoes.
  • Marigold ikebana can also be used as an additional aid to protect against insects. Easily accessible flowers, bloom from spring to late autumn. Very decorative for us, and quite repulsive to insects and pests.

Take care of the service

When arranging the wedding menu, be sure to emphasize that the wedding is outdoors. Be careful when compiling the menu, because food spoils faster in the heat.

  1. Frozen desserts like ice cream are not practical, because they will melt in the heat.
  2. Avoid serving cheeses, seafood or meat that has not been cooked enough. If you do decide on these delicacies, they must be served immediately after preparation and removed quickly after lunch to avoid spoilage.
  3. Dairy products such as sour cream, if it is already in the dishes, keep the amount to a minimum.
  4. Make sure all dishes are covered. Leaving any food uncovered is an open call for bugs, ants and flies to attack.

Your wedding is definitely something to look forward to, and we hope these tips have eased your anxiety when it comes to planning your big day.