Flower Shops

In our flower shops you can find a variety of potted flowers, but also arrangements and bouquets for every event! 101 in a bouquet or in a box, even 1001 roses! Various creative arrangements are made of the most beautiful flowers from our garden, and the uniqueness of each is something we are especially proud of. Packed in decorative papers, boxes or baskets you can find them in every part of the city because Provasna Decor Flower Shop is located in as many as 3 locations in Belgrade. Flowers are delivered 24/7

Flower shop Provence Decor - Vozdovac

Our largest flower shop in Belgrade is located in Vozdovac, on the corner of Vojislav Ilic and Strumicka,  on the corner of Vojislav Ilic and Strumicka,below the famous Belgrade restaurant Legat. A large, beautifully used space with a variety of flowers awaits you. Visit us here and among the numerous flower creations, choose the right arrangement for every occasion, Jasenicka 7 .

Flower shop Provansa Decor - New Belgrade

We are also located in block 70 in New Belgrade, in Yuri Gagarin Street. If you are walking along the Sava Quay and just then you want to surprise your dear person, we are here! Let an afternoon with a loved one usually turn into a day to remember!  Yuri Gagarin 27, bar 49

Flower shop Provence Decor - Zarkovo

From here it all started. Various arrangements from our oldest flower shops were part of the special events of many of you, and we especially love her because she always reminds us of our initial steps. Ace Joksimovic 2b.

Decorative boxes, papers, baskets, papers and everything else you need for your flower shop can now be found in our flower shops.