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-Aukuba comes from the Garryaceae family, it was brought from Japan to Europe at the end of the 18th century. It has modest requirements and is easy to grow. It can grow outdoors in the garden, but can be grown as a hedge (because it tolerates pruning). Aukuba Japonica is a species that can be grown indoors. Aukuba is very suitable for decorating terraces, balconies, hallways.


-We are not exposed to the sun, and shade or a shaded place suits it best. If we want big beautiful and lush plants, we have to remove the tops on a regular basis. Watering is done once a week in summer, while in winter it is done once every two weeks. And it is best to water with rainwater or stagnant water. During the winter, it would be best to be in a bright basement, and the temperature should not be below 5 degrees, and no more than 15. Its ideal temperature would be between 18-20 degrees. Feeding is done once a month in the process of vegetation until mid-August.


-Reproduction takes place in August and September by rooting the twigs in clean and moist sand under glass at a temperature of 18-20 degrees. Rooted saplings are transplanted into pots in the soil obtained by mixing meadow soil with forest leaves and compost. The following year the young plants are transplanted to normal soil for Aukuba (mixed equal parts of compost and meadow soil)


-It's not susceptible to disease.