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– Adam belongs to the Aracea family. It arrived in Europe from India, and in continental countries as well as in our country, Adam is grown as an indoor flower. It is a specific plant and blooms once a year. It is known that this plant cries, but in fact it is a natural process called. Gutting, which means that the plant separates excess water when transpiration is difficult, and this is due to excessive watering and when the room humidity is higher. Reduction of gutting is achieved by co-cultivation of Adam and Eve.

It is important to note that Adam’s juice is very poisonous and can cause allergic reactions. This plant is specific because the lower leaves are dying out, and the upper ones are gradually developing one after the other.


– You can keep this plant indoors, but you can also keep it outside, it is just important to know that you must not expose it to direct sunlight because the leaves may turn yellow. It tolerates heat well, can be kept in a room with central heating, but requires fresh air and dew. Growing Adam also means wiping the leaves often with a damp cloth or sponge. The ideal temperature in winter is 15 degrees, and the minimum that the plant can withstand is 5 degrees. Although it is most recommended to be in a place where the temperature is between 15 and 18 degrees. It is important to know that during the winter, take care of the soil moisture, not to dry it out, but to keep it moderately moist. As for watering, this plant requires a lot of water and it is best to water it every two days in summer and twice a week in winter. The soil should be moist, but we should not stay in the pot so that the root does not rot.


-In the summer, it is best to do supplementary feeding for a week or two. And in winter, once a month is enough. Use water-soluble fertilizer.


– It is transplanted every two years into a larger pot, and it is best to do it in January or February. It is very important to be careful not to touch the ground around the veins so as not to damage the root. If you want, you can move it to the garden in May, but of course not in direct sunlight. When the cold weather comes and when it is time to return it to the house, be careful not to bring insects and worms from the garden soil with it.


-Reproduction of Adam is possible by cuttings or by dividing the shoots.

Adam has an underground tree – RIZOM. If pelcers are present, it is very important to remove the pelcer and part of the rhizome with a knife, and then the cultivation of a new plant is ensured. It needs a temperature between 20-23 degrees for scarring.


-Red spider can attack from the bottom, so it is important to spray the leaves regularly. Also, dry air and smoky air affect the leaves, and as far as the prevention of fungi and insects is concerned, this is done by spraying with combined insecticides and fungicides.