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Make your own Easter decoration for your home

You have painted eggs or are just getting ready for this endeavor, but you have realized that it is time for you to get new details that will decorate your home during the holidays. Don’t worry, with our tips you will have an original Easter basket, vase or bowl in an instant, for Easter eggs or sweets. Most importantly, all this glam decoration that you will make yourself will not cost you much.

Make your own egg-shaped bowl

What you need from the material:

  • Plaster cast
  • Balloon
  • Water.

Accessories you need:

  • Kitchen scales
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Kitchen measuring cup
  • Funnel
  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Scissors
  • A wooden paw


  1. Measure 150 g of gypsum in a ceramic bowl and carefully pour it into a plastic bottle, which you have previously washed, with a funnel.
  2. After pouring the plaster, add 120 ml of water to the same bottle, close the bottle and shake well to get a uniform mass without lumps.
  3. Inflate the balloon to the desired size and carefully pour the plaster that you got inside the balloon
  4. When you have poured the mass into the balloon, tie it and turn the balloon so that the plaster is evenly distributed on the inside of the balloon and leave it to dry.
  5. When you see that the plaster has dried, carefully cut the balloon with scissors
  6. Slowly make a hole with a wooden stick, preferably with a sharp tip, and start making a shape, that is. the opening you need.


Tip: if you have more time, you can paint the bowl and blend the tones with the rest of the Easter decorations in your home. The color will not only give added charm to your bowl, but will also make it more resistant to damage, so you will have the decoration ready for next year as well.

Flower basket for Easter eggs

To make this beautiful flower basket you will need only a few things that you probably already have in the house:


  • Flowers
  • Basket with large handle

Accessories you need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue or adhesive tape (whatever you decide)


  • When you have chosen the flowers that you will use, clean it from the leaves, so that only the flower and the stem remain, which you will shorten to 2.5 cm to 3 cm.
  • If it is a wicker basket with larger slits in the stem, you can only pass through those slits from the outside and the flower will stand that way, but if this is not feasible, use glue or sticky tape to secure each flower.

Be creative, you can use roses, tulips or wildflowers, combine colors, make shapes. You can add decorative ribbons, wrap the handle of the basket or tie a bow, it stays with you and your affinities. Fill the basket with eggs or sweets and give it a central place where it will be noticed and leave any guest breathless.